Growing Pains: A Story of Sex, Vaginsmus, & Clinically Approved Dildos

Women and Chronic Pain

Not Just Another Blog Post, Folks…
Back in September 2014, the North American chapter of World Sexual Health Day announced that my personal essay “Growing Pains: A Story of Sex, Vaginsmus, and Clinically Approved Dildos” had won their first ever writing contest. Continue reading


Dressing Your Downstairs: A Vaginal Health Guide to Underwear & Going Commando

Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct
When you have any kind of pelvic pain or sexual disorder, nothing that has to do with your vagina is simple. You even have to be concerned with the way you dress it. As annoying as this fact may be, selecting the right kind of underwear for your pain is essential for your day-to-day comfort. Continue reading

Going for the Big O: The Difference Between Faking It & Lying About It

When Harry Met Sally Faking OrgasmThe number of women that lie about orgasming is depressing. According to modern sex research, the number seems to range between 60% – 80% depending on the source. As cultural taboos surrounding sexuality ease, the abysmal state of female satisfaction is coming to the forefront. Women may be opening up about their lack of sexual satisfaction to scientists and researchers, but what about their partners? Continue reading